This project has been created to show that despite thousands of differences between us, we are all the same and have millions of things uniting us. In photos you will see not just representatives of different nationalities, but friends who were born in different points of the globe. Of course, we couldn't show everything that unites us and all of those who are united, but you can help us with it. Join us, post a photo with a hashtag #onethingdifferentpeople and show to the world the thread by which all of us are connected.
Miron Mardale, Romania
Love football
Javier Prades, Spain
Also love football
Javier Casas López, Spain
Loves to play the guitar
Emre Yüksel, Turkey
Also loves to play the guitar
Irina Boinegri, Russia
Bohdan Shchupak, Ukraine
Also artist
Adrián Feás Feáns, Spain
Loves basketball
Oguz Kose, Turkey
Also loves basketball
Miguel Menezes, Portugal
Loves to take pictures
Anastasia Kazachenko, Russia
Also loves to take pictures
Miriam Schikora, France
Loves to make people happy
Vladislav Zholnerchuk, Russia
Also loves to make people happy
I want to thank Omsk State University, Nicolaus Copernicus University and program for exchange of students Erasmus+ for the chance given me to realize this project and to get acquainted with all these wonderful people. And of course I want to thank all of those, who agreed to be a part of this project: Adrián Feás Feáns, Bohdan Shchupak, Emre Yüksel, Irina Boinegri, Javier Casas López, Javier Prades, Miguel Menezes, Miron Mardale, Miriam Schikora, Oguz Kose, Vladislav Zholnerchuk.